Update for DENVER MPS-204C to turn off shuffle function

Update for DENVER MPS-204C to turn off shuffle function
If you don't like the automatic shuffle function, then you can firmware update your DENVER MPS-204C with this firmware, but please notice that there are NO SHUFFLE function if you use this. .

Then it will only play in the order the songs are placed on the MP3 player.

Here is how you update
1. Download and unpack files.

2. Open the software folder and double click on the file called fusblink20 to start program

3. Click add files & choose prefer and program

4. Now plug your DENVER MPS-204C to the PC using the included USB cable. Upgrade will auto start

5. When update is succesfull it will write "SUCCESS" on the program line.

After succesfull upgrade you have to open "this computer", right click on the driveletter for the MPS-204C and format the unit. Remember to choose FAT32

Now transfer songs to the unit again, and it works without shuffle function.

WARNING!.. Do NOT turn off power or disconnect the MPS-204C while updating. .this will damage the MP3 player and it cannot be fixed.. The update is at customers own risk.

Please notice that it is NOT possible to upgrade back to auto shuffle after using this update.. it will permanently change the MPS-204C to play in order instead of shuffle.

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