Update for DENVER DCB-108HD/DCB-109HD/DVBC-109HD

Update for DENVER DCB-108HD/DCB-109HD/DVBC-109HD
Dansk forklaring - Klik på PDF filen lige under selve opdatering filen!!

Update for DENVER DCB-109HD & DVBC-109HD - New from 1st of June 2012.

This update adds following.
Corrects date/day misinformation in EPG (shows wrong day compared to date)

Here is how to upgrade:

1. download the file and unzip.
2. Copy the file to a USB stick. (you can put in a few mp3 files aswell as this makes it easier for the settop box to recognize)
3. Insert the USB stick into the DENVER DCB-109HD.
4. Push menu, and go to MUSIC playback. .
5. Choose the upgrade file and confirm that you want to upgrade by pushing OK.
WAIT.. it will reach 100% when ready and ask you to turn off the unit.
6. When you put power back on, go to menu, and choose Factory reset/default. And then tune in channels again.

Warning. Do NOT turn off power while upgrading. Wait until the box shows "100%, please restart"

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