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On this page we will put various tests of our products made by magazines, internet sites etc.

We hope you like what you read, and if you have any questions you are welcome to send us an email: intersales@intersales.eu

Test of DENVER ACT-8030W - Action camera

DENVER ACT-8030W is a "real steal", Danish bicycle website tests the action cam, and says that for the price it typically is sold for it is a bargain.
"Full value for the money", "a really decent actioncam that records in 1080p/60fps & 720p/120fps with wild slow-motion videos", "built-in 2" screen and Wi-Fi connection for easy pairing with a smartphone", "impressive video quality, especially on a bright day" are just some of the nice words written about DENVER ACT-8030W, and we totally agree.
This small size action cam really is a real bargain, and will give you wonderful, fast, actionpacked videos when ever you want to.
And you can even buy additional batteries and other accessories for matching your needs.
Use it for skiing, mountainbiking, motorsports, climbing, skydiving, swimming, diving etc. Only your fantasy sets the limit.
The test in total can be read here (written in Danish):
And you can read more about the camera itself here:

Test of DENVER DVBC-110HD - DVB-C settop box

DENVER DVB-C is a cable-tv settop box with PVR function (for recording TV programs onto USB stick or external harddisc with own power supply. USB stick and harddisc are not included)
Easy recording programming via the electronic program guide (EPG).

USB input with playback of movies, music and photos.

Short part of the test:
"Denver DVBC-110HD is, with a retail price on only 399,- (danish kroner - which is approximately 54€) when on sale, properly the cheapest cable-TV settop box you can buy in the Danish stores. The box is practical limited to the uncoded channels, which for most users is more than enough. The box is easy to install and is in general very stable.

We could have used a bit more user friendly recording function. The naming is not very good, and could be better."

Read the complete test:

DENVER AC-5000W won in a Dutch TV test!

The result was as follows:
Number 1. Denver Full HD Action Cam - DENVER AC-5000W - Found to a price of: €59,99
Total score: 7,2

Number 2. Maxxter Sportscam - Found to a price of: €44,95
Total score: 6,4

Number 3. Sports HD DV 30M - Found to a price of: €97,95
Total score: 5,6

Number 4. Kitvision Splash Action Camera - Found to a price of: €69
Total score: 4,4

Number 5.Rollei Youngstar Actioncam - Found to a price of: €49
Total score: 3,6

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