FULL HD - What is that?

FULL HD Vs. Normal HD

It indicates that the TV has a resolution on: 1920 x 1080.. Popular called 1080p.
It allows the user to get 100% resolution on e.g. Blu-ray movies, Playstation 3 games etc.

You can also use the resolution optimal on a mediacenter PC. This way you can get full advantage of the high resolution on the mediacenter.

Normal HD has a resolution on: 1280 x 720. called 720p. These tvs normally has a native resolution on 1366 x 768, but they can upscale/downscale to 1080i resolution. It is also 1920 x 1080 like FULL HD, but it is downscaled to the native resolution 1366 x 768 in the TV. That is why it is mostly a better choice to choose 720p on the normal HD TVs.

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