DVB-T - What is that?

Digital video broadcasting - In easy steps

DVB-T digital TV are coming in more and more countries.

It gives you crystal clear TV signal and Electronic program guide, digital teletext etc.
It can be bought as settop boxes, built-in LCD TVs or CRT TVs or in harddisc/DVD recorders.

At first it started with MPEG-2 standard (like DVD), but more countries are now converting to MPEG-4 to get enough bandwidth to get HD channels.
MPEG-4 DVB-T are another technology as MPEG-2, so you need another box when your contry are converting to that.
If you already own a MPEG-4 model, and are moving to a country that uses MPEG-2, you can use the same box. .it is backward compatible.

There are also possibility to use DVB subtitles (subtitles sent out so you can set them on/off), interactive use etc.

Do you want to know more? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVB-T
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