AVI files - An explanation on what it is

Many of our players can play AVI files. They are files that you can make yourself or download on the internet.
AVI files is MPEG-4 format. There are several codecs under the MPEG-4 format, and it is not all that are supported. Only the most common ones.
For start, it is important that they always has to have MP3 soundtrack.

MPEG-4 files are compressed much harder than a normal DVD movie, and therefore they are of a little lower quality. If they are made properly it is, however, not much, and the space needed for a normal movie are only around 700mb (instead of 4-9gb at a DVD movie).

Some of the files on the internet are copyrighted, and it is ofcourse illeagal to download these. DENVER ELECTRONICS A/S suggest you only download leagal material, or make your own home movies.

You can read more about MPEG-4 here:

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